To start your workout, please proceed as follows:

  1. check that your network components are up and runnung, if you want to use the workout data upload.

  2. switch your trainer on and wait until it's ready to use.

  3. (optional) if your smartphone hasn't integrated ANT+ support, connect an ANT+ stick via OTG.

  4. if your trainer has a bluetooth oder BLE interface, establish/activate the connection between
    your trainer and your smartphone.

  5. if your trainer has a UBS or RS-232 interface, establish/activate the connection

  6. open the app

  7. (optional) do the ANT+ pairing with zwift, etc.

  8. before you start your workout, please check the app state:
    • trainer   : if visible, connection is established
    • ANT+    : if visible, ANT+ hardware is ready to use
    • lock      : if visible, unlocked version (no timelimit)

  9. press "start" to begin your workout