Before you can use the app with your Daum 8 / 8i, some configuration parameters have to be set. The menu for data acquisition can be reached via the menu item "Settings".


The most important point is that the app settings determine how the data exchange between the ergometer and the app should take place.


Trainer (mandatory)

In order for the data exchange between the app and the ergometer to work, some basic parameters must be set.

Example configurations:

            Trainer Connection


 IP address / bluetooth



   Daum 8 / 8i


 for example:

   Daum 8 / 8i  Bluetooth  Name of the BT-connection:


Ergometer IP-Adresse / Bluetooth-Verbindung

Depending on the connection type, the field "Trainer: ip address / bluetooth connection" must be completed:

o) TCP/IP: The IP address of the ergometer must be entered.
                 For example:

o) Bluetooth: After the introductory bt@, the name of the Bluetooth connection follows.
                       For example: bt@Daum_BT_1234


For the data exchange to work via the TCP / IP connection with your Daum 8i, the communication parameters of the trainer have to be set as follows:

Fernsteuerung: EIN
Bedienung sperren: AUS
Fernsteuerung durch: Automatisch
Kommunikationsprotokoll: Standard


Trainer IP-Port

This can be used to change the TCP / IP port that is used for data exchange. The default setting is 51955 and only needs to be changed if the ergometer has been reconfigured.


Maximum power [Watt]

The maximum performance of the ergometer must be entered here. The default is 1000W. Please take the maximum power from the technical data of the ergometer here.



Upload workout data (optional)


The data for the training data upload must be stored in this section. The section only needs to be filled if training data for velohero, strava etc. are to be uploaded.


Strava token

If the training data is to be transmitted to strava, the Strava access key must be entered here. The access key is determined via this Link.


Trainingstagebuch / Velohero

The user name and password for or are to be entered here.


Fitness (optional)


The Functional Threshold Pace (FTP) is used for some types of training (e.g. youtube videos).

Functional Threshold Pace (FTP)

Enter the personal FTP value here


ANT+ Fitness Equipment (optional)

The basic ANT+ settings


Fitness Equipment Control (FE-C)

If FE-C is activated, the app behaves like a smart trainer when connected to ANT+ software (for example zwift, bkool, rouvy, ...)


Virtual gears

Controls whether the virtual gears should be used


Virtual gears - setup [max. 3x10]


Defines the virtual circuit, there are max. 30 gears possible (e.g. 3x10, 1x30). The configuration is carried out according to the following scheme <number of chainrings>: <number of sprockets> The number of teeth must be entered, for example: 40, 46, 52: 34,31,28,25,22,19,16,13,10


Attention: Please note that while using the virtual circuit, the speed and the distance from the ergo to the app deviate. The reason is that the app calculates the performance data from the cadence and the selected translation, since this does not match the translation of the Ergo, the Ergo displays different values.


Simulatio (optional)


This defines the parameters for the simulation of the training units


Rider weight [kg]

Bike weight [kg]

Bike type

Wheel size [mm]